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It's a long story, and we'll save that for another post. The long and short of it is that the band's management company called blue wall from Los Angeles, looking to block out an entire month, to write and rehearse new material. This was originally slated to be a reunion project, with Cindy rejoining the group after departing before their 1992 Good Stuff record. When the band arrived, they asked me if it was ok to give them the keys to the studio and essentially leave them alone for the month. I had no problem with that, gave them the keys and my digital pager number (those were the days before cell phones were popular). 1 hour later, I got a page from them asking me to meet them at the studio - first thought, what was wrong. When I arrived, they asked to speak with me - they had a proposition; at first, they didn't want to have anyone else around while they worked on their material, but it was too much for Keith to write and handle the engineering duties, so they asked me if I would be willing to engineer for them - are you kidding, it was a thrill. And, at one point during the experience, I actually got a chance to sit-in on drums for a little jam session with the group. To my knowledge, the tracks were never released, and the band retained ownership of the master tapes/protools sessions, so there's nothing to play for you in this post, but you can click on the link above to get more info on the group.