Project Details
  • Skills: Art & Music
  • Client: SOMETHING Eric Walker - vocals, Ian Christman - guitar, Shane Morton - bass, Andy Lord - drums
  • Release Date: July 1990
Project Description

SOMETHING was one of many local favorites in Little 5 Points. Aside from the music, which was an energetic romp mixing, among other things, elements of KISS, hip-hop and rap, Shane and Ian were skilled artists. Shane's creations eventually centered more on tattoo artwork, but both of them leaned towards the ghoulish, special effects work. The blue wall featured their artwork; Shane painted the outside wall of the studio, while Ian created an interesting vanishing point effect inside the front room of the studio along with another piece, a twisted jester on one of the side walls in the tracking room. And what about the session? Produced by Angry John, one of the co-managers and cooks from the Pub. The initial tracking was done on a 16-track 1" machine from Paul Diaz. This was at the beginning of Paul's career as an engineer and studio owner, when Tree Sound was located in a small building in Norcross. Since then, Tree Sound has become one of the most successful studios in the region. The band released the recording on cassette with their own artwork, with an album release party at the Cotton Club on Peachtree St. in midtown-Atlana. Click on the link above to hear the complete album.