Project Details
  • Skills: Painter - Musician
  • Client: TL Lange (1965 - 2002) guitar and vocals with Shepherds of Hot Pavement
  • Release Date: 1992
Project Description

It's hard to remember how we originally met, but one thing's for certain, TL's talent as a painter had a profound impact on his music. His sound included placing several speaker cabinets from the guitar amp at various locations and rooms within the studio, which created a unique multi-layered live, wall of sound. At this time, I also befriended John Keane. John and I discussed the possibility of me bringing some Atlanta bands over to his studio in Athens - to build a bridge of sorts, and Shepherds of Hot Pavement was one of the groups to test drive this idea. We recorded one song in John's studio and TL was so appreciative that he gave me one of his large paintings, as a way to say thank-you. This was in 1992, and I still have the painting, and think about him every time I sit with the painting. Click on the above link to hear one of the demos with the band, along with some more info about TL, the artist.