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ETHOS is coming…

June 14th, 2014

ETHOS for GitHub WEB

ETHOS is a new educational program in music for film, multimedia, video games and web broadcasting that combines aspects of classroom learning with the internet, where the traditional “on campus” environment meets a technologically driven ”online” community of professional artists, educators and students.

Unlike other “online” or “blended learning” programs, which rely primarily on pre-recorded video, powerpoint presentations or archival materials, ETHOS takes place in a “live” interactive environment, simultaneously providing all of the participants on campus and online with the opportunity to share in the learning experience, face to face, in real time. Each course includes a primary instructor, or guest artist, plus a program course moderator to monitor and facilitate a clear line of communication for everyone. In this way, ETHOS promotes direct contact between students, artists and educators, while paving the way for career opportunities within this creative community.

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