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October 16th, 2011

October 19th – 27th
European tour with Ches Smith & These Arches

Ches Smith (drums) with Tim Berne (saxophone), Tony Malaby (saxophone, Oct 21-27), Andrea Parkins (accordion) & Mary Halvorson (guitar)


Wednesday, October 19th & Thursday, October 20th @ Seixal Jazz (Seixal, Portugal)

Friday, October 21st @ Bimhuis (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Sunday, October 23rd @ Jazzkeller Sauschdall (Ulm, Germany)

Monday, October 24th @ Alte Feuerwache (Mannheim, Germany)

Tuesday, October 25th @ Panic Jazz Club (Marostica, Italy)

Wednesday, October 26th @ Café Stockwerk (Graz, Austria)

Thursday, October 27th @ Teatro Vascello (Rome, Italy)

October 28th – 31st

European tour with The Thirteenth Assembly

Jessica Pavone (viola), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet), Mary Halvorson (guitar) & Tomas Fujiwara (drums)


Friday, October 28th @ Jazzclub Singen (Singen, Germany)

Saturday, October 29th @ Teatro delle Maddalene (Padova, Italy)

Sunday, October 30th @ The Vortex (London, UK)

Monday, October 31st @ Café Wilhelmina – (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Saturday, November 5th @ The Stone (Ave C @ 2nd St, NYC) 10pm
Tim Berne Quintet

Tim Berne (saxophone), Oscar Noriega (clarinet), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Trevor Dunn (bass) & Tomas Fujiwara (drums)

Sunday, November 6th @ Umbrella Music Festival (@ The Hungry Brain, Chicago, IL) 10pm

Mary Halvorson Quintet

Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet), Jon Irabagon (saxophone), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Trevor Dunn (bass) & Ches Smith (drums)

Lots of good music here and in all of these projects one can connect the dots to Mary Halvorson. According to her site there’s a new album in the works, Mary Halvorson Quintet – “Bending Bridges” (Firehouse 12 Records) and her previous release, “Saturn Sings” – check it out!

Mary Halvorson Quintet
Saturn Sings

Released : 10/5/2010
Catalog Number : FH12-04-01-013
1 disc
DISC 1 66:19 $7.99 Download CD
Click on a song to listen…
1 Leak Over Six Five (No. 14) 06:44
2 Sequential Tears In It (No. 20) 06:02
3 Mile High Like (No. 16) 04:48
4 Moon Traps In Seven Rings (No. 17) 09:25
5 Sea Seizure (No. 19) 05:24
6 Crack In Sky (No. 11) 08:48
7 Right Size Too Little (No. 12) 07:31
8 Crescent White Singe (No. 13) 07:27
9 Cold Mirrors (No. 15) 05:38
10 Saturn Sings (No. 18) 04:28

Featuring : Mary Halvorson

NOTE: Saturn Sings is currently unavailable as a physical CD. The physical CD will be back in stock soon. Until then, the album is available as a digital download.

Saturn Sings is guitarist/composer Mary Halvorson’s highly anticipated follow-up to her acclaimed 2008 debut, Dragon’s Head (Firehouse 12). It documents a new book of music written for her latest ensemble, the Mary Halvorson Quintet, which adds fellow New Yorkers Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet) and Jon Irabagon (alto saxophone) to her longstanding trio with bassist John Hebert and drummer Ches Smith. These compositions, her first for a band with horns, employ harmonies influenced by such diverse inspirations as Clifford Brown, Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers, Marvin Gaye, Thelonious Monk, Alexander Scriabin, Archie Shepp, Dmitri Shostakovich and Robert Wyatt.

“Saturn Sings is a continuation of the concepts and ideas heard on Dragon’s Head,” Ms. Halvorson explains. “My interest in harmony has grown and I’m attempting to build on the foundation of guitar, bass and drums while writing a lot of close-knit and often dissonant horn lines. There are now many other directions to go in, and the horns push the trio into different realms and vice-versa. The more we perform, the more the music gets both looser and tighter; tighter because we are working on developing a band sound, and looser because we are comfortable and trust each other, which allows us the freedom to take chances and to explore within the framework of the piece.”

Mary Halvorson :: guitar
Jonathan Finlayson :: trumpet
Jon Irabagon :: alto saxophone
John Hebert :: string bass
Ches Smith :: drums

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