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Visions & Voices project update

March 20th, 2011

The USC Visions & Voices sponsored event, “Rhythms & Visions – Expanded and Live” is set to take place on April 22nd on the campus of USC. Our segment of the project features the work of video artist, Scott Pagano in collaboration with original music by several USC student composers in the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Program, Vidjay Beerepoot, Justin Bell, Giona Ostinelli, Andrew Prahlow, as well as contributions from SMPTV visiting scholar from France, Dominique Deyris.  Another featured artist for this event is Brian Trifon, a USC alum from the Thornton School of Music’s studio guitar department. Trifon has worked with Pagano on a number of projects, so inviting him to collaborate on the “Rhythms & Visions” project was natural – his music has set the tone for the overall project which will be presented in 5 sections, each one with a different musical composition . The live music will be performed by Brian Trifon, L.A. percussionist, MB Gordy and SMPTV program director, Brian King.  Here’s a PDF of the project’s initial treatment, submitted by Scott Pagano. I’ve included freeze frame images from some of Scott’s video work as part of the slideshow presentation on this website.


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